Pigment Load and Fluidity
The System3 Fluid Acrylic has a highly intense pigment load which equals high tinting strength. Its fluid consistency allows you to load a brush more evenly, allows more uniform brushstrokes, and assists with long painting strokes without reloading the brush.
Highly Versatile Fluid
The System3 Fluid Acrylic support a varied range of applications; poured, puddled, dropped & dragged, used for layering & glazing & mixed with texture paste or other mediums & gels. It can be mixed with textile printing medium, airbrush medium & System3 pouring medium for traditional fluid art techniques. 

Wide Range of Applications
System3 Fluid Acrylic is durable, flexible with excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces including stone, wood, textiles, canvas & paper. There is no need to dilute with water for immediate application. This acrylic offers great coverage making it perfect for murals and other large surface area applications. It is superior for use in watercolour applications (wet on wet & wet on dry). 
Made in England
Daler-Rowney is particularly proud to continue the long heritage of manufacturing System3 Acrylic in the United Kingdom.


Brand Daler Rowney

Daler Rowney SYSTEM3 Fluid Acrylic Set 6 x 29.5ml

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Daler Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylics are versatile, multi-surface, pigment-based, and ideal for multi-technique applications

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