White dry pastel pencil is compact  and strong to give wide and rich line. The finely ground pigment is ideal for soft blending and well-defined highlights. Mainly used in combination with other dry pencils, charcoal, sepia, sanguine and coloured clays. White dry is also perfect for making quick and suggestive touches with oil-based, black or coloured pencils on semi-coarse fine-grained paper white or black. Dry pencils tend to lift off, so the use of a fixative is highly recommended.

Sanguine dry is made from iron oxides and clays combined using natural binders. On paper it leaves a characteristic reddish colour stroke, reminiscent of blood. It is used in artistic drawing to create works of art and sketches. The quality obtained is based on the concentration of the pigment and the perfect balance between pigment and binder which makes it possible to dose the strokes which can range from fine and clean to rich and intense. The medium, bright, nonorange tone is reminiscent of the colour used by Leonardo and Michelangelo. 

Sanguine oil. Made with finely milled oxides and clays. Unlike the dry version, the generosity of the stroke is achieved by blending the pigments with oils which give a thick and full-bodied consistency which leaves a compact, soft and decisive stroke on white paper, creating a marked contrast between this pencil and the warm tone of the sanguine dry. Applied on satin or fine-grained paper, this pencil leaves a thick, uniform and intense stroke. It does not blend but gives better results when used with instinctive strokes which leave no room for second thoughts. 

Sepia oil. The same pigments as those used in the dry version, the same concentration, a plant-based oil binder and a minimal quantity of waxes constitute a product which can be used to get completely different 
strokes. Full-bodied, defined and rich strokes which are not blendable but can be layered and mixed into different tones by calibrating the pressure applied by the tip on the paper. Perfect pencils for sketches 
and outlines which stand out in cleanliness and intensity. The stroke adheres perfectly to the substrate, with total coverage, it is almost unerasable

Charcoal is possibly the oldest medium for drawing known to mankind and was already used in the days of prehistory. Our charcoal consists mainly of pulverized charcoal, obtained from burning willow and vine stems, combined with a minimum part of oil-free plant-based binder for anchoring. The opaque black tone and the ease with which it is transferred to the substrate, are linked to the careful choice of the raw materials and the length of the carbonization process before pulverization. The charcoal pencil is offen used for making sketches, rough outlines and drawings where fast execution is required. The stroke is smooth, natural and soft. It makes it possible to create calibrated changes in shade. Blending is easily achieved by directly rubbing the drawing with fingers or using a special smudge stick. The characteristic volatility of the stroke requires immediate fixing even in the hardest gradations and more so for softer ones. It is advisable to sharpen the tip with a sharp knife or sand paper avoiding the use of pencil sharpeners due to the fragile nature of the pencil. The round casing in shiny and tough black lacquered, Mexican cedar wood protects the 5mm core.

Carbon is the right pencil for sketches and drawings where a particular intensity of the stroke is needed. The pasty and full stroke provides the opportunity to achieve dark and velvety tones and very defined contrasts. Compared to charcoal, which is totally matt, Carbon leaves a semi-opaque black mark and by increasing the pressure on the paper the stroke increases in body and brings out a natural shine. The natural binder ensures that the pigments adhere perfectly to the paper. Carbon is partially blendable, it can be drawn across the paper but only for short stretches as it rapidly lightens out. It is a pencil which can be used to easily combine, within the same drawing, details made with clean and clear black strokes (of a thickness which can be adjusted by altering the slant of the pencil) and an indefinite, partially blended area, left to the imagination. Carbon is erasable using a putty rubber based on the intensity of the stroke.

All inside a Metal Tin to protect the pencils, the set comprises of;
1 White DRY Pencil
1 Sanguigne DRY Pencil
1 Sanguigne OIL Pencil
1 Sepia Light OIL Pencil
1 Carbon Pencil 2B
1 Charcoal Pencil 2B


Brand Fila Lyra
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Lyra Rembrandt 6 Piece Sketching Set

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Rembrandt Sketching Set by LYRA Germany - 6 Pieces in Metal Tin

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