Rosa Gallery watercolours are high quality artist's paints made in Ukraine.

This watercolour set in a sturdy metal tin is a moderately compact size of 22 x 7.5 x 2.5cm, providing any artist with a truly portable experience, combined with the hinged mixing pallet in a durable material, this will survive most journeys and can be described as a travel sized set. 14 Full Pans is unusual for a travel set, which means it will keep on providing the colours whilst you are out in the field or away on holiday. The set will accommodate another 7 full pans in the empty row inside, or you can use the space to slot a sketching pencil and some small brushes to take with you.

Contains: 702 - Cadmium Lemon, 731 - Cadmium Yellow Light, 705 - Cadmium Orange, 744 - Opera Rose, 740 - Bright Red, 725 - Madder Red, 726 - Madder Rose, 709 - Magenta Rose, 710 - Violet, 711 - Green, 718 - Blue, 716 - Cobalt Blue, 715 - Ultramarine, and 719 - Yellow Ochre.

- Organic gum arabic provides perfect adhesion and an even colour flow -
- High quality organic and inorganic pigments guarantee purity and transparency of each colour -
- High pigment concentration provides the artist with a wide range of colours from transparent to fully opaque -
- Natural drying providing easy dilution and brushing properties. -


Brand Rosa

Rosa Gallery Classic Artists' Watercolour Set - 14 Full Pans in Indigo Metal Case

£27.99 £32.99

A sturdy and compact, Indigo portable metal carry case containing 14 full pans of watercolour paint with space for another 7 full pans - with fold out mixing pallets.

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